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7 Conclusions to Discipleship

Being a disciple of Christ has a lot of components to it, and it can be a little intimidating for someone who is new to the faith. To make it easier, here are 7 conclusions to discipleship:

1. Jesus must be the priority.

When Jesus is the center of your heart, He helps navigate your actions. When you have created the standard for placing Him first, Jesus will order your steps. Although you may have found Him later in life, Jesus is designed to be your first love, because He is love (1 John 4:8).

2. Must stay on the path

There are multiple journeys with diverse paths in life. The one journey that has brought you to Christ is due to a decision made. Staying on the path takes decisions that are made daily to be a disciple of Christ and being more like Him (Luke 14:28).

3. Must count the price (cost)

A wise disciple will count the cost in everything he does. Jesus took note of the cost of the cross and still decided to deny His own life for the life of others. The greatest value of the cross were the people saved from sin. When we pick up our “cross” daily, it is us counting the price and knowing that the greatest value is the eternal lives of others (Luke 14:33).

4. Must not cling to earthly possessions

Our society has made the focus on what a person can obtain. The American Dream is one that lives on capitalism and the need to have more of everything. The Christian Dream is one that doesn’t focus on possessions. Instead, we are to do all we can to get closer to Christ and to help others to learn about Him (John 15:8).

5. Must be productive

One of the biggest responsibilities we have as disciples is to make more disciples. This is one of the many ways we give glory to God. Discipleship makes it easier for us to focus more on what we should be doing as believers. Discipleship is a relationship that is designed on practicality. “Do as I say, not as I do,” does not cut it here. That is why we must be productive in discipleship.

6. Must have passion

As we look at passion, we believe it should be motivated by one word: love. Love is not an option, but a commandment from God, because He is love. We are called to love Him and love those around us. Love is not just a word, but also actions, and our actions should be done with a positive attitude and a desire to share (John 13:35).

7. Must know his position

When Jesus is allowed to be the master and we are the servants, we say to God, “I am willing to live under Your authority.” The role of a disciple is a servant, and Jesus is the master. As a disciple, our position is one of servanthood. As we continue to learn from the Holy Spirit, we will serve God and help those in need.

Overall, discipleship is about love, productivity, and servanthood. The sacrifices we make revolve around these three things. These three are not only what we’re supposed to do, but what we are to teach others to do.

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