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The Requirement for Salvation

The word salvation is a fancy way of saying being delivered or kept safe from harm. Jesus, being our Savior, is the one who keeps us from the harm of all humans, sin, and ourselves. The three requirements of salvation are decision, confession, and belief.

The decision that needs to be made is simple, but not easy. You must choose Jesus over the things of this world. What this means is that you must make your relationship with Him the first and foremost of your life.You do so by studying His word and communicating with Him (prayer) as you continue to not only be more like Him, but also do what you can to share His love with others. Choosing Jesus over this world is something we do when we first become Christians, but it is also a daily task that must take place as we live life on Earth.

The second thing we must do for salvation is confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior over our lives. Confessing is not the easiest thing in the world to do because it is not only our words that have to say what we believe; but our actions must also show that we believe it. Jesus being Lord and Savior is not just a get out of Hell card; it is a lifestyle.

Last, but not least, we must be sure that we believe the work of Jesus on the cross. In our world today, we put a lot of clout to the idea that “seeing is believing,” but when it comes to salvation, the faith we have is not by what we see, but solely on what we believe. Believing in our heart that Jesus is our Savior and choosing to follow Him is something that we must act on in blind faith. It can be scary to trust so wholeheartedly, but Jesus requires our whole heart to receive salvation. We cannot be in a relationship with Him halfway. Salvation is an all or nothing decision. So confess, believe, and begin a relationship with Him today. You shall be saved!

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