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The Principles of Discipleship

Discipleship is a tool ordained by God that establishes and grows the gospel in us. It is the ongoing training that we, as Christians, have so we are capable of excelling in our calling(s). Discipleship is constantly sharpening our vision and continues to explain the truths in Scripture that inevitably allow us to become better people in this life and helps us prepare for the life to come.

Just as evangelism is ordained by God, so is discipleship. Evangelism is how we lead people to Christ, but discipleship is how we teach believers to continue to live a life in Christ. Being exactly like Christ is a task that we can never achieve, but we can strive to be more like Him each day. Discipleship is used to continue to define our relationship with Jesus and it not only feeds us, but it keeps us hungry for God and His will.

Discipleship is not only our way of growth, but it is also our way of action. Discipleship gives hands and feet to the gospel. It is the game plan that keeps us focused on seeking others to evangelize and, inevitably, disciple as well. The cause of Discipleship begins with the path where maturity has no limits and its natural cycle takes people from being new converts to Christian leaders.

God empowers us through discipleship by engaging the strengths within, discovering the call within, and encouraging the Holy Spirit within us to navigate through life. Because iron sharpens iron, the Holy Spirit uses discipleship to open our eyes to see what God wants us to see, to become who God intends us to be, and to help other believers along the way.

Discipleship helps us to live in truth. It is how we are held accountable. It is how we walk in freedom. Discipleship is what every Christian encounters and will continue to experience until he/she is called to the heavenly home.

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