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The Outreached Hand

In scripture, it was very rare for Jesus to teach without first showing the ministry of the outreached hand of God. The outreached hand is one of the steps of evangelism because it is meeting the needs of people. The Church is the outreached hand of God because it is meant to spread the love of God to the world.

Meeting the needs of people has a way of opening up the doors of people’s hearts. It says, “We care and so does God.” People don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Meeting the needs of others is the bridge to evangelism. Many in your community lack food, clothing, shelter, education, opportunities, and many other things that often hinder a better life. But when we do for others, Jesus says we are doing for Him as stated in Matthew 25:45. The first step of evangelism is doing what we can for those who are less fortunate.

There are many needs in the world, but Jesus saw fit to identify and list them in Matthew 25:35-40. No matter where you are in life, fulfilling the call to evangelism will come out of one of these areas. We must be concerned about the needs of people. We must function as the outstretched hand of God. As we operate as the outstretched hand of God, we will freely evangelize to those in need.

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