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Heart. Power. Increase.

One of the greatest things that comes with being a Christian is the benefit of being a child of God. The gifts we receive from Him are awesome and are not the only reason for becoming Christians, but they are great perks. One of those great gifts is God’s heart.

God’s long suffering towards us gives mankind an opportunity to have eternal life. God does not want anyone to die due to sin. His heart is to give mankind eternal life with Him. This gift is something we gain as followers of Jesus. The heart of God is one we can all relate and understand, because no one would ever want their loved one to struggle and experience the absolute worst, death. As it says, God wants all to repent and to be saved, and come to the knowledge of His truth (2 Peter 3:9, 1 Timothy 2:4).

To have the heart of God is a wonderful gift, but to be able to act on His desires, we must also have power. The power of God is a promised gift to us so we can be His representatives to the world. This power of God opens doors and creates marvelous opportunities to connect to others and let people know about Jesus. It can be trying at times, but this is why we must rely on His power to persevere (Acts 1:8).

Lastly, the increase we receive from God is a gift that keeps on giving. We are responsible to plant and to water, which means we leave little nuggets and seeds when talking to people about Him. In hopes that what we leave with them will ultimately cause them to receive and grow in Christ. We understand that we may operate in one or two roles, planting or watering into someone’s life. The increase we receive is meant to be the resources we use to share God’s heart more and more with individuals. We do not bring increase, we are simply the conduits for it, but it is our responsibility to be open and willing to play that role for God to increase in a person’s life.

These gifts that God gives us for being Christians are designed to help us build the kingdom of God, but they still benefit our lives on earth as well. Having a big heart for others, operating in His greater power, and flowing in His increase are the very things that God allows to seep into our daily lives. Being a blessing to others and sharing the love of Jesus are more than we could ever ask or think. Let’s continue to evangelize and disciple with these gifts! Let’s grow the kingdom of God together!

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