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Five Approaches to Reach the Harvest

There are many ways that one can introduce someone to Christianity and scripture shows us a lot of “right ways” to do so. After many years of training, studying, and living a life of evangelism, we have noticed a pattern. Reaching the harvest can be done in numerous ways, but we believe that these five approaches are some of the most beneficial and biblically accurate ways to win people to Christ:

1. HELP: There are so many things that we need in order to survive in this world. There is a diagram known as the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that refers to the most basic needs in life, such as food and shelter, all the way to some of the more complex things like belongingness and self-actualization. Our outreach ministry is designed to help people with as many needs as we can; giving them an opportunity to see that God is the only true help that can assist them. When we help others, our godly deeds reflect Jesus, especially the very core of Him, which is love.

2. LOVE: Love is one of those words that can mean a myriad of things in our western culture and it can be seen as generic given the amount of time that we use it. But I can assure you that nothing is greater than the love of God. When we share God’s love with people, something changes in their lives and in ours, because it is the greatest gift ever given to this world. It is the love of God that gave us the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is the love of God that gave us salvation. It is the love of God that commands us to tell others about Jesus, so more can be saved.

3. PRAY: Prayer changes things, and it is what truly allows God to do His thing. If help and love are the action on stage, prayer is the crew behind the scenes taking something great and making it extraordinary. The things that cannot be explained often happen due to prayer. When you pray for the harvest, God creates opportunities to share the gospel, provides chances for outreach and multiple ways to share his love. Yes, Prayer changes things, but that is because God can do some awesome work when we don’t even know it, but partner with Him in doing it.

4. SEND: One of the biggest issues we have as leaders is understanding that reaching the harvest is something that should not be done alone. Having other leaders and believers are vital for a ministry, but sending people out to share the gospel is equally important. Do not get accustomed to doing it all and fall into the trap of micromanaging how the gospel should be spread! You do not want to be the one who prevents people who are ready to do the work of the Lord. Jesus had many laborers who were sent in His name and we must do the same so the harvest can be reached.

5. GO: Along with sending people out, people not going is also one of the issues we see far too often in evangelism. Every Christian is to answer the call, but too few do so. This is why discipleship is so important. Those sitting in the pew, every week, are being fueled so they can go out and share the gospel with others. Christianity is more than a title, but a life that is instilled in us through the power of God. No wonder the first two letters in His name spell, “GO!”

No matter if you choose to follow these approaches or do something different, the most important point to remember is that today is the day that you should reach out to someone who doesn’t know Jesus.

Just Think: Every time we fail to tell someone about our Savior, we risk an individual being lost to yet another day of trying to do life alone. Although having one’s soul saved for eternal life is imperative, saving them from the struggles of today is just as important. Do not miss the opportunity! Redeem the time and GO reach the harvest!

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