It is Worth the Fight! (CD)

It is Worth the Fight! (CD)


CD Testimony from Iraq

One of the most memorable experiences as an Army Chaplain, serving during Operation Iraqi III, I was afforded the opportunity to lead an Iraqi interpreter to Jesus Christ and baptized him in water. It happened after one of our chapel services. I had just finished preaching on the cross. I was approached by a soldier stating that there was someone here who wants to know more about Jesus and the Cross. I looked up expecting an American soldier and to my amazement, it was an Iraqi national. We had civilians and nationals in our services on a regular basis. I sat him down and began to minister to him. I explained Romans 10:9, 10 to him.  After talking and ministering to him the word of God, he accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior. The following Sunday he was baptized, and the praises went up on Camp Caldwell, Iraq. Jesus instructed the church not only to evangelize at home but in the uttermost parts of the earth (Acts 1:8). 1 believe on that day the Scriptures were filled to its fullest.

This cd is inspired by the events during

Operation Iraqi Freedom III